Most Easiest Way To Add Instagram Widget On Your Website

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2022)

If you are wondering about the embedding process, then you have reached the right place.

In this blog, we will tell you about the easiest way to create and add an Instagram widget to your website easily.

When we think of social media platforms, there is no doubt that visual media top the list.

Speaking of content, visuals are the most highly leveraged to target customers and for the right reasons! 

Visuals are up to 10 times more effective than their text-based counterparts and connect with the audience much more easily and quickly. 

Instagram is one of the most highly used visual social media platforms used by more than 500 million active users daily.

The vibrant presence of the platform is what makes it different from the rest. 

Taking advantage of the massive user base and the liveliness of the platform, brands, and marketers have begun to fetch content from Instagram and display it on the website for improving their marketing efforts. 

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the blog right away! 

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Step By Step Guide To Embed Instagram Feeds On The Website 

● Choose An Appropriate Tool 

Before you get on the embedding process, you must shortlist an appropriate tool for doing the needful.

Even though multiple tools are available on the internet, you need to shortlist the ones with the best features. 

For your convenience, we have mentioned a few tools as you continue reading that are perfect for embedding an Instagram widget on your website.

You can also check the guide to adding the Facebook widget to your website.

● Log In & Aggregate The Feeds 

After shortlisting the tool, you need to log into the platform, redirect to the dashboard, choose Instagram as your content aggregation platform, and aggregate the Instagram feeds. 

Typically, tools offer an option to select the connection type for its users. 

Using the option, the users can aggregate the content using specific hashtags, usernames, mentions, etc.

You will be able to see the Instagram feeds on the widget editor of the platform in a couple of minutes. 

● Customize The Feeds 

The next step is to design the widget how you want it to look.

Depending on the tool selected, you will be given the option to customize the Instagram widget how you wish. 

You will be able to choose from the variety of options provided by the tool.

It can be themes, fonts, layouts, etc. Not only this, you might be able to moderate the content too.

A few tools provide the ability to remove any unwanted or inappropriate content from the Instagram widget to maintain top quality content. 

● Generate The Embed Code 

After you are convinced about the look and feel of the Instagram widget, you will be set to embed it on your preferred website-building platform.

Next, you need to click the option that generates the embed code and copy it on the clipboard. 

You need to visit the webpage or the backend section where you wish to embed the Instagram feeds.

Then, click on the Publish/Update option to save the Instagram feeds, and the process will be complete. 

Voila! You will have successfully embedded an Instagram widget on your website. 

Best Tools To Embed Instagram Widget On Your Website

Most Easiest Way To Add Instagram Widget On Your Website

● Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox Widget is a compelling and responsive social media aggregation platform that enables users to aggregate content from various social media platforms, including Instagram.

In addition, users can choose their preferred content aggregation source before aggregating the content. 

Additionally, the tool offers various advanced features to make the Instagram widget more impactful.

For example, the users can choose from multiple styling options like colors, themes, layouts, templates, etc.

In addition, the Taggbox widget offers a content moderation panel to remove any inappropriate content from the Instagram widget. 

Not only this, the users can track the performance of the Instagram widget by getting insights into details like total impressions, likes, the total number of clicks, etc. 

The solid back support team of the platform enables the users to take assistance anytime they come across an issue while using the platform. 

● Juicer 

Another efficient social media aggregation platform is Juicer, which enables users to aggregate content from their choice of social media platform, including Instagram.

You can aggregate the content by selecting specific posts or choosing hashtags for the process. 

The simple process of copying and embedding the code on your preferred section of the website will help you quickly showcase Instagram feeds on your website. 

Closing Note – (Most Easiest Way To Add Instagram Widget On Your Website)

Integrating Instagram feeds on the website is a strategy that has taken the marketing efforts of brands and marketers to a whole new level! 

It is the new secret marketing weapon that needs to be leveraged if your competitors do not want to surpass it. 

Go on now, now that you know it all, start the process right away and see your brand grow like never before.

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