Arlo Camera Battery Life Review & Best User Guide

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2022)

Arlo security cameras are a favorite of ours, it’s not surprising. They don’t need complicated wiring. Many versions don’t even require any wiringg since they use batteries.

However, the average Arlo camera battery life span basically depends upon the Arlo camera and its setup.

Let’s take a detailed tour of  Arlo camera battery life;

Arlo Camera Battery Life Review

Arlo Camera Battery Life Review

Arlo Ultra and Pro 2 security cameras are powered by a single battery and can be plugged into the wall using a standard Arlo wire-free or Arlo go.

We will detail each one as they all come with different battery life promises by Arlo company.

Battery life can vary. This is something you should know. You and your environment can make your Arlo camera battery life review less efficient, so you may get different mileages.

We have listed the various Arlo cameras and some tips to help conserve your battery life time.

Arlo Ultra Battery Life

The Arlo Ultra is the latest Arlo camera, with 4K footage.

Arlo Ultra was initially announced with concerns about battery life. It records in 4K. In our testing, Arlo Ultra performed well and lived up to its promised battery life.

Our experience shows that Arlo Pro 2 and Pro 2 can last between 5-6 months and Arlo Ultra typically requires recharging every 3-4 months.

Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro have some other important differences, but this article will only be concerned with battery life.

The battery of Arlo Ultra is found on the backside of the camera.

The charging cable attaches to your camera’s bottom and is magnetic, unlike the Arlo Pro or Pro 2.

It is easy to charge the battery or power your camera without having to remove it from the body and attach a cord to it.

Arlo Pro & Arlo Pro 2 Battery Life

Arlo Camera Battery life

The same rechargeable battery is used in the Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Light. This makes it easy to swap out batteries between cameras.

Since January 2017, we have used Arlo Pro to monitor our front porch. It was set at high sensitivity and triggered frequently for movement. However, 30% was left by the end of June 2017

This Arlo Pro battery life time review assumes that the batteries will last between 5-6 months based on the average usage.

UPDATE 2018. We have been using Arlo Pro since early 2017 and added Arlo Pro 2 to the mix. These cameras have continued to work as promised, with no battery drain, as of late August 2018.

We even moved houses so that we could test the cameras in a different wifi setting. The cameras have lived up to their 6-month battery life estimates so far.

UPDATE 2019, We have used the Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Pro 2 without any problems. The batteries can hold a charge for approximately 6 months without any problems.

Arlo Pro 2

Both Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Pro 2 have the same batteries. They function almost the same.

Arlo Pro 2 needs outlet power to run several features that normally drain more Arlo camera battery life.

The Arlo Pro 2 has 1080p footage and no additional features that drain the Arlo camera battery faster than the Arlo Pro.

Our testing has shown that the Arlo Pro 2 cameras last just as long as their Arlo Pro counterparts. You can read more details in our Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2 comparison.

Recharging Options for Arlo Ultra, Pro, and Pro 2

To recharge your Arlo Ultra, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Pro 2, you can plug in the power cable.

It is a quick charge and it charged in just under an hour. You can still use it even if the plug is plugged in.

Another option is to buy a charging station with an additional Arlo camera battery.

This will allow you to always have one charged and can swap batteries as needed.

This will ensure that your camera is always charged and ready to go.

To remove the battery, press the button at the top of your camera and open the hatch.

The battery will then be removed from its place and inserted into the charging station.

You can’t swap batteries between the Ultra/Pro 2/Arlo Pro/Pro 2 cameras because they use different batteries.

Arlo Wire-Free Battery Life

Arlo Camera Battery life

Although the original Arlo Wire-Free claims a battery life of 6 months, many users have discovered that their batteries last for around 3-4 months.

Arlo camera battery life span has been reported by some users as being as low as 2 months.

You will need to replace the four included CR123 batteries after they run out.

This is a major disadvantage compared to Arlo Pro. (See other differences in our Arlo Pro article).

Follow these battery optimization tips to get the best out of your Arlo camera battery life performance.

You can drain your batteries faster by setting your cameras to record longer videos and higher-quality footage.

Arlo Wire-Free can be used with two CR123 batteries. Each camera comes with four batteries. This gives you some extra room for a quick battery replacement.

Workaround for Recharging

You can save money by purchasing rechargeable CR123 batteries from Energy. They come with a charger as well as 4 batteries.

This is the best way to make Arlo Wire-Free batteries more usable.

You can keep your camera working all the time by charging one set and keeping the other in your camera.

You will save money over the long term because you won’t have to replace the CR123 batteries as often.

This could be a big benefit, as Arlo Wire-Free has a reputation for draining battery life.

Arlo Go Battery Live

Arlo Camera Battery life

Arlo Go can be used in the same way as Arlo Pro.

However, it provides 3G and 4G LTE via a mobile plan. It is ideal for monitoring areas without WiFi, such as cabins.

Arlo Go’s LTE feature may cause it to drain its battery if installed in an area with weak signals.

Arlo recommends Arlo Go, which can receive at least 3 bars LTE to maximize battery life performance.

The LTE functionality means that the battery will not last as long as other Arlo cameras.

Arlo Go can last for 2-3 months.

Charging Options

You can recharge Arlo Go just like the Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2 by plugging it into the wall or using a charging dock.

It uses different batteries than Arlo Pro cameras. Arlo Pro 2 and Pro 2 batteries cannot be interchangeable with Arlo.

Tips to Optimize Battery Life

The Arlo camera battery life time  will differ depending on many factors.

Arlo camera battery life problems are a reason for some bad reviews. Performance depends on how the camera is set up.

Arlo says there are some things you can do to have the longest battery life.

Video settings

  • Shorter videos are best. 10 seconds is the default. Anything longer will quickly drain your battery life. The less battery you use, the shorter the video.
  • Lower the sensitivity. The sensitivity of Arlo cameras can be adjusted. You can expect to get many false alarms if you increase the sensitivity to 100%. This will happen every time a branch of a tree moves in the wind. This will drain your camera’s battery, which can be a problem for recording. You can reduce false alarms by turning down the sensitivity so that you only record when there is movement.
  • Lower the video quality to low-quality or standard footage and not HD. This is an important thing to do. You will be able to identify faces more quickly with HD footage. If you are okay with lower-quality footage, then you can save your battery life by reducing the video quality.
  • Choose the power setting Optimized, or Best Battery Life. Three power settings are available for Arlo cameras: Optimized, Best Video, and Best Battery Life. The best video mode provides the highest quality possible while Best Battery Life preserves battery life. Optimized is the happy medium between these two settings.

Other tips

  • Position cameras strategically. Keep the camera within 300 feet of the base station to conserve battery life. It should not be placed near more than one router. It is also important to place it in a well-lit area so that it does not need infrared as frequently. Our next was placed near the Arlo Light to ensure it doesn’t use IR at night.
  • Avoid freezing temperatures (32deg F). Although the cameras can be used in all weather conditions, low temperatures will cause the battery to drain faster. Your camera battery will last longer if you can bring them inside during cold temperatures.
  • Only access the live stream when it is needed the more you use your battery, the less you can load up your feed or clips library. It wouldn’t be a good idea to stream the live stream for extended periods if your camera isn’t connected to power.
  • Make sure Arlo camera is running the most recent firmware. This will ensure that your cameras don’t use too much battery power and that they are using the most up-to-date software. The firmware should be updated automatically between 3 a.m. – 5 a.m. local. However, you can manually update it by going to Settings, My Devices, clicking on your device, then clicking Device Info, Firmware, and Update. During the firmware update, don’t disconnect the camera from the power source or take out the battery.

These battery life details are average for the camera.

Arlo cameras estimates that you will only record 5 minutes per day. Your battery life may be shorter if you have more footage than they estimate.

Tracking Battery Live

You can monitor your Arlo camera battery life status within the app if you are concerned about these cameras suddenly dying.

It is easy to check the cameras battery status and replace it before you go on vacation.

After you have used them for some time, it will be easier to determine how long they will last be depending on the conditions of your home. should send you an email to notify you when your battery is low.

There shouldn’t be any surprises as long as you monitor the battery life of your cameras when you use them.

Solar Panel Charging

Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 work together with compatible solar panels so you don’t have to worry about charging again.

The panel is weatherproof just like Arlo cameras. The solar panel requires only a few hours in direct sunlight to charge your Arlo cameras.

It also comes with a 6-foot power cord so that it doesn’t need to be placed right next to them.

Arlo Ultra also offers a compatible solar panel that can be used with all 3 cameras. It is however different from the one mentioned above.

You will also receive a mounting kit as well as other tools for installing solar panels. This makes it super simple to set up your Arlo cameras.

Another important point to remember

Arlo Ultra, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Pro 3 won’t have the ability to use all their features with this solar panel.

The solar panel won’t allow for 3-second lookbacks, continuous video recording, or motion zones.

The solar panel will charge your Arlo Pro 2 camera, but it won’t provide any additional features that would require you to plug the camera into power.

Overall, we were impressed by Arlo camera battery life performance, particularly on the Arlo Pro cam.

Amazon has some negative reviews about Arlo camera battery life.

However, this is likely due to factors such as high sensitivity and resolution, recording longer clips, triggering cameras for more than 5 minutes per day, installing cameras far away from routers, and so on.

You will have a pleasant experience with the cameras if you take care of them. The battery will last a long time if you are careful.

You can recharge your camera quickly by plugging it into the wall, even if it goes out.

We are interested in hearing from Arlo camera owners: how long does Arlo camera battery life last? We’d love to hear about your experiences with different cameras.

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