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what does rawr mean in dinosaur

What Does Rawr Mean in Dinosaur?

“Rawr” can be described as one of the most popular buzzwords on social media. It is the textual representation of an audio sound, the sound of a dinosaur’s roar. However, it’s not one of the fierce dinosaurs like those observed in Jurassic Park; it is a “Kawai” dinosaur, or it could be described in Spanish…

What Do Gallstones Look Like in the Toilet

What Do Gallstones Look Like in the Toilet?

Gallstones may be observed in the toilet as distinct stones or on an area of stool. The most frequent type is cholesterol gallstones, which appear as small yellowish stones that can float on the water in the toilet. Gallstones can be found in various sizes, shapes, and shades. Today, you’ll be able to learn about…

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