We live in a world where the entire meaning of the words ON DEMAND has changed drastically from what used to be. Earlier, people would scramble around to find the right person for the job.

Still, with the Gojek clone app neatly tucked away in their smartphones, it is convenient to make sure that they can tap a few buttons on their smartphones and get the perfect solution to their requirements. 

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The Gojek clone app is one of the most popular on-demand multi-service platforms available in the market. T

he best thing about the app is that it acts as an instant solution for a user’s requirements in terms of services.

However, that doesn’t just stop there. It is also an excellent solution for service providers to help find more jobs and make more money. 

Typically, you’d find large companies with a list of service providers on their payroll, but that doesn’t help the service provider much.

Here, the Gojek clone app ensures that each service provider is treated as an entrepreneur.

This means that they can quote their prices, choose the kind of prices that work well for them, their availability, and so on by themselves.

What’s more, with the Gojek clone app, one has complete control of reaching out to the digital audience without actually purchasing a whole new application by themselves. 

Now that we know that the Gojek clone app allows service providers to help find jobs make money, we ask how an entrepreneur who has invested in the Gojek clone app makes any actual money?

It is simple! The whole thing works by way of commission.

The app owner gets a commission each time a user uses the app to hire a service provider. The percentage of commission that the app owner will earn depends entirely on the app owner themselves. 

The Gojek clone app has a very complete and clear admin panel setup. This admin panel has all the features needed to make sure that managing the app is perfectly simple.

For example, the app owner can go to the admin panel and set the commission percentage for each service individually. 


The main modus of earning for the application is using the admin panel to set the commission percentage for the various services.

However, with the kind of features that the Gojek clone app has, one can get revenues from other sources as well. 

For example, the app is built to bring every user to a new landing page each time they select a service.

On this landing page, there is a banner that can be used for advertisement.

The service provider can use this banner to make sure that they can advertise their service everywhere and get more eyeballs for their service. 


The Gojek Clone App has become very popular in the recent past.

That is why on-demand mobile app developers have started building their versions of the Gojek clone app to help entrepreneurs get their dream app-based business online without having to spend a fortune on it. 

However, finding the Gojek clone app is the easy part.

Finding the best Gojek clone app that suits all your most tailored requirements for your business can be the hard part.

So many options can confuse the app owners and leave them bewildered about which Gojek clone app is best for them.

The ideal way to choose the right app is to make sure that you test the app thoroughly before you purchase it.

Once you push the app by downloading the live app on your Android and iOS devices, you will learn which one is most suited for launch in your region. 

While you are at it, please speak to the development team of your app regarding custom additions to your app, such as adding your logo, your brand name, your choice of color theme.

 Integration of local language of your choice, integration of local currency of your choice, and so on. 

While there are other countries with their Gojek clone versions, many still yearn to find a solution of that type.

That is why; it is important for you to invest in it and start your very own on-demand Gojek clone app-based multi-service business. 

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