How Many Bookshelves for Level 30?

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2022)

Minecraft was launched in 2009 and was a massive hit within a few days. It’s still among the games played the most today and has many fantastic gameplay mechanics.

Players can find items in the world and then use them to create anything they’d like. The game also comes with dangerous enemies, making exploring and finding items challenging.

You can also make weapons that can kill enemies. Your weapons will become more and more efficient based on the kind of materials you choose to use for their creation.

You can also improve your equipment and weapons more effectively with enhancements. So, How Many Bookshelves are for Level 30?

How Many Bookshelves Do You Need for Level 30 Enchantments?

One bookcase is needed for each level, increasing the total to fifteen bookshelves for Level 30 Enchantments.

How Many Bookshelves for Level 30

To make something magical, it is necessary to accumulate experience points. Experience points can be used for enchanting various items or tools (weapons, books, armor, weapons) within Minecraft.

However, the method of gaining these experience points remains unclear. However, these tips can assist you in gaining the experience point in Minecraft:

  1. In killing wild creatures, You can earn significant experience points.
  2. Mining resources can help players to accumulate the highest exp points or XP and achieve higher levels of enchantment.
  3. Melting iron or food boosts your enchantment.
  4. Fishing or breeding animals can help you gain experience points.
  5. The bottle of potion will also give you in the same way.
  6. It is also possible to earn experience points when you fish with a rod.
  7. The battle against skeletons, as well as other mobs, can increase your points of experience.
  8. You can earn the highest reward points for experience.
  9. You can also acquire them by trading with the locals.
  10. It is also possible to employ the enchant command for similar purposes.
  11. Removing an enchantment from the tool you use will earn you experience points.

How Many Bookshelves Must You Have to Reach Level 30?

As mentioned above, you require 15 bookshelves to get to 30 levels of enchantments within your game.

It is impossible to compromise the number of bookshelves needed to attain any particular level. This is, therefore, the most minor or significant number of bookshelves you require to reach level 30.

However, you’ll need to be level 1 to get to the top enchantment levels within Minecraft.

Where Can You Find Bookshelves for Enchantments at Level 30?

How Many Bookshelves for Level 30?

Bookshelves are among the most practical and essential items to embellish your table. They are also a great way to make your table even more robust.

What is the requirement to have a bookshelf in Minecraft, and what are the advantages of having these shelves in Minecraft? Learn more to find answers to this query.

It is necessary to purchase these shelves to be able to enchant objects or items better. Also, it would help if you got them to increase the number of drops you get from your foes.

You can find them in libraries, villages, and other locations in Your Minecraft world. You’ll need to gather a few items as the raw materials for these shelves.

The basic materials are:

  1. Table for crafting
  2. Three books on one shelf for one book
  3. Six planks of wood for one bookcase
  4. It is also possible to get bookshelves with these simple steps:

 Method 1:

  1. Take a few blocks and head to your beautiful table. The enchanting table is located at the center in the middle of the rectangle.
  2. Bookcases should be placed in a row. It should have an outline of 5x five squares.
  3. The shelves should be one block tall compared to the table for crafting. So you can receive bookshelves at the level 30 enhancements.

Method 2:

This is the best method to build the shelves that will give the highest enchantment level. It is recommended to have three bookcases and six planks to make one bookcase.

You’ll require forty-five books and nearly ninety planks to build fifteen shelves.

  1. you have to follow these steps in the following steps to create a bookcase.
  2. Choose any plank to use to build your shelves by the needs you are comfortable with.
  3. You’ll need an uncut crafting grid of 3×3.
  4. Put six planks on the first and final rows of your grid.
  5. Make sure to fill the middle row of your table to craft with books.
  6. Be sure you’ve placed the items in their correct positions.
  7. Your bookshelf will be located at the top left edge of the inventory slot.
  8. Transfer it to your Minecraft creativity mode.
  9. Your bookcase is ready for make use of right today.
  10. Repeat the steps until you have 15 bookshelves.
  11. You have created 15 bookshelves for Level 30 enchantments.
  12. Also, ensure that you’ve placed all the Bookshelves for Level 30 within a block of your table for crafting.

How Many Bookshelves for Maximum Enchantment?

Level 30 is the top possible enchantment level you can achieve in the virtual realm of Minecraft. Every player tries to create various objects, mine them or upgrade their weapons to get the highest level of potential for enchantment.

The player is not allowed to go over the limit of this level.

How Many Bookshelves for Level 30

 The player must also increase the number of experience points to reach the highest enchantment level (level 30).

Additionally, you can earn experience points by trading, mining, fighting against your foes, destroying the deadly monsters and mobs, and using various valuable enhancements.

How Many Bookshelves for Enchantment Table?

Enchantment tables allow you to enchant different objects and tools like armor.

A table for enchantment usually requires 15 Bookshelves for Level 30 enhancements.

Surrounding your table with 15 bookshelves stacked one over the other is necessary. They must be one block from the table. This will result in the highest level of enchantment.

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How Many Levels Is Doing an Enchant at Level 30 Required?

It’ll cost you nearly three levels to obtain the Level 30 enchantment. Level 30 enchantments can make your tools and weapons more efficient, allowing users to protect themselves more effectively. These are the fantastic items in Minecraft.

How Many Bookshelves for Level 30

The majority of the enchantments that are Level 3 can reach the highest ability to enchant. For instance, silk touch, unbreakable thorns, luck, and respiration have the highest level of enchanting at level 3.

Level 30 enchants are highly sought-after by the players. Most players want them at the start of their best games.

They are looking to create weapons that are efficient and effective against opponents. They also need them to survive in a world filled with dangerous creatures.

Level 30 Enchantment Table Set Up

These are the basic requirements to set up the Level 30 enchantment table. You’ll need:

  1. Two diamonds,
  2. four obsidians
  3. One book.

These are the things you need for your enchantment table. There are no other options. Once you’ve used these items to create your enchantment table, you’ll be required to put together the level 30 Enchantment Table. This table can help you reach the highest amount of Enchantments.

What is the best way to create it in your life?

  1. Include 15 bookshelves within your collection.
  2. You must move to the selected area for the proper setting for your table.
  3. You can go to the table for enchantment.
  4. Set all the shelves on top of one another.
  5. Create a 5×5 square using the shelves of books.
  6. Check that you’ve put the Bookshelves for Level 30 at least within a block and one block up to the table.
  7. Make sure there is an opening to a door in the area.

Once you’ve placed all the Bookshelves for Level 30 in their correct positions, you’ll receive an enchantment table of level 30 inside your slot for invention.

This table can be used to obtain the highest level of enhancements to the working of your weapons.

What Is the Least Amount of Bookshelves for Level 30?

For enchantments of level 30, you’ll require 15 bookshelves. They can be gathered from nearby areas or created using your fantastic table. It’s the standard number for the Bookshelves for Level 30. 

Each level of Minecraft has unique and standard requirements for the number of Bookshelves for Level 30.

You’ll be unable to achieve the level you want in Minecraft if you do not follow this requirement. Try to buy 15 Bookshelves for Level 30.


That’s it! This is how many shelves you’ll need to buy to get Bookshelves for Level 30 to play Minecraft.

Keep in mind that you’ll require at least an EXP amount of at least 30 to be able to see and apply these enchantments of level 30 on the Enchanting Table on the item of your choice.

Also, remember that three EXP amounts will get taken away. It’s possible to have to kill more enemies to gain access to many items.

We hope this article has helped you get the highest level of enchantments, including those most potent upgrades you can use in your weapon in Minecraft. Best of luck, and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How many bookshelves would you need to complete the level 50 enchantment?

To achieve the most enchanting level, it is necessary to have an entire set of fifteen bookshelves.

The shelves should be set within a block of the table with the stunning design in a one-tall, 5×5 square with an opening to doors.

Are 15 bookshelves enough?

Fifteen bookshelves can be used to fill your table’s stunning. The best position for Bookshelves for Level 30 is to have a square of 15 in the 5×5 block outline with the enchantment table at the center.

How can you achieve the level 30 enchants using 15 bookshelves?

As previously mentioned, it is necessary to put all 15 Bookshelves for Level 30 of enchantments. Again, refer to the image below for information.

Put six bookshelves on the left and right side of the Enchantment table while placing the three remaining shelves on top of the table.

Does that have 15 shelves of books assist in making you feel more enchanted?

The Bookshelves for Level 30 can increase the number of enchantments available on your objects. For example, without bookshelves, you can use enchantments ranging from levels 1-5.

But, if you add additional bookcases, you can use higher-level spells. A table that has six shelves allows recipes at level 14 of Minecraft.