How Tall is James Arness?

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James Arness is a well-known American actor. James Arness is best known as Marshal Matt Dillon in a CBS television series called “Gunsmoke.”

James Arness biography, height, weight, and net worth. Also, movies, children, marriage, career, and divorce.

These three platforms include film, television, and radio. Although he was lost 19 years ago, people still have curiosity about him.

This is why we created this article about James Arness. Imagine a man who worked in over 40 films and 12 tv programs, but his priority wasn’t acting. This article will provide all information about James Arness.

Who was James Arness?

James Arness was an American television personality in the late 1940s. His career began with the role of Gunsmoke’s lead character for 20 years.

How Tall is James Arness

He then went on to work in the entertainment business for nearly 45 years. James was a true heartthrob. This article contains all the information you need about this Actor.


Full name James Aurness (later, James Arness)
Nickname Jim
Date of Birth May 26, 1923
Age 88 years
Died on June 3, 2011
Birthplace Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Nationality American
Religion Methodist
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Profession Military army, Radio announcer, Actor
Net worth $8 million (approx.)
Parents Rolf Cirkler Aurness and Ruth Duesler
Siblings Peter Graves (younger brother)
Spouse/Girlfriend Virginia Chapman (m. 1948-60)

Thordis Brandt (1964-70)

Janet Surtees (m. 1978-2011)

Best known for Marshal Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke

(co-author James Arness)

James Arness: An Autobiography (2001)

Education Early Life and Education

James Arness was the first child of Rolf Virkler Aurness & Ruth Duesler. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 26, 1923.

His younger brother Peter was then born after three years. Their parents were journalists and businessmen. Rolf was Norwegian, and Ruth was a journalist.

James attended three schools in Minneapolis: John Burroughs Grade School and Washburn High School.

He also attended West High School. He then went to Beloit College. Their financial situation was poor, and James had to work as a courier boy, which meant he had to miss many classes.

James Arness Family

Their family name was Aursnes, but James’s grandfather changed it into Arness after they immigrated from Norway.

On the other hand, Peter used the surname “Graves” as his maternal family name. James Arness believed in Methodism, as did his family.

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Personal Life

James Arness, an American actor, married Virginia Chapman, an actress from California. They were married in 1948.

How Tall is James Arness

Virginia was well-known for her roles in the Matinee Theatre and Highway Patrol. After a 15-year marriage, they split up.

Their wedding was short-lived. They had one child, Jenny Lee Arness, in 1950. Rolf Arness was born in 1952.

Jenny was an actress who died from an overdose on sleeping pills at the young age of 24. Rolf was a surfer.

James and Janet Surtees were married in 1978 after a divorce. Janet was employed in a clothing shop owned by James’s wife, Janet Surtees, a Gunsmoke make-up artist.

They met at dinner, and they fell in love. Janet and James had two children: Jim Surtees (Jim Surtees) and Craig Arness (Craig Arness). Jim was James Arness’ stepson.

Craig was Virginia’s child and was born in 1946. Janet is alive today and is approximately 80 years old.

James Arness, Military

James wanted to become a naval pilot. He thought his poor vision would make it impossible to achieve this dream. His 5-inch extra height was the real reason for his rejection.

Later, he joined US Army and moved into Fort Snelling. This fort serves as the primary headquarters for government forces.

The battle of Anzio was fought in the second world war. The battle lasted for five months, causing many five-month-long delays and causing many controversies.

James sustained a severe injury to his right leg as a result. For treatment, he had to travel from Italy to the USA.

He was admitted to the Clinton, Lowa, 91st General Hospital. It took him a while to heal the wound.

He could not heal the wounds, even though he had retired from the US Military in 1945.


James Arness received many badges and honors during his brief service in the military force.

James Arness is How Tall?

This section can be accessed by people who want to learn about James Arness Height. James Arness is 201cm tall, 2.01m high, and 6’7″ tall.

James Arness Height in Feet

American actor James Arness stands at 201cm (6’7″). He is 105kg, and his age as of 2022 is 99 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How much did James Arness’ net worth become at the time of James’ death?

James Arness’s net Worth: James Arness, an American actor, had a net worth of $8 Million. James Arness was born May 1923 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and died June 2011.

What was James Arness’s age when he died?

James Arness, who forged the legend of America’s epic West playing Marshal Matt Dillon in Dodge City on “Gunsmoke,” one of the longest-running drama series on television, was pronounced dead at his Los Angeles home on Friday. He was 88. Ginny Fazer (family spokeswoman) confirmed his death.

How long did Matt Dillon’s horse live?

They took Buck to Bonanza after Bonanza was canceled. He became the riding instructor at a center for mentally and physically challenged children. Buck lived a long and happy life. He was 45.

Whom was James Arness’s money left to?

Arness saw the joy the camp brought to the children and decided to give all his land to the children. This property was worth $2 million. Dr. Max W. said, “It was an extremely ecumenical act by Mr. Arness, who isn’t himself Jewish.”

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