How to hide followers on Instagram

How to hide followers on Instagram?

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2022)

Instagram is a great social media network, but it can be challenging to keep your private life private. This blog post will look at how to hide followers on Instagram? It’s easier than you think. There are many reasons why some people may not want their follower count to be public.

You can’t escape the judgmental eyes of others when you have a high number of followers, and it could make people feel like they need more to keep up with what society deems as “success.” If that’s the case, then this is for you.

How to hide who you are following on Instagram?

You cannot hide who you are following on Instagram. By having a private profile, other users can see that there is only one person in your list of follows but not their follower count or any details about them aside from the number of people this individual follows themselves.

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 How to hide followers on Instagram?

The question people often ask is how to hide followers on Instagram?  You can do this by switching your Instagram account private.

Unfortunately, for those who use the site as a private account, this isn’t something that can be done.

The number of individuals followed and their follower counts remain visible when they click through your profile; there’s no way around it unless you want everyone who views yours to know exactly where everything stands with regards to following back or responding publicly–which would likely cause even more problems than before.

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How do I hide followers on Instagram using a private account?

There are many benefits to keeping your social media account private, but you must be aware of the risks if they aren’t.

For example, you never want others who see what photos or stories are on there to view them because then people will have access to personal information, which could lead to identity theft in some cases.- even just having more followers than someone else can give an unfair advantage over another person with a minor following.

It may seem like a good idea when looking at things from afar – after all, we know how hard everyone tries these days by posting regularly for hours every day rather than getting up early. The truth might.

On a public account, anyone can see who you are following and your follower list. But on an exclusive or private account, it’s different because only those people in the followers-only group will be able to view these details about them.

It’s possible that in the future, Instagram may allow users to hide their followers. However, we do not see this happening anytime soon as it could potentially break one of the primary purposes for using social media – interaction with friends and family through visual representations or “lections.”

Here are some ways to control your visibility on Instagram and what people see by converting to private mode.

 How to Hide followers on Instagram by switching to private mode.?

By hiding your account from public view, you can hide the people who follow and are following you. This is an excellent way for those with fewer followers or individuals looking to maintain their privacy on Instagram, known as ‘Private.’

  • Firstly, Open the Instagram app.

sign Instagram

  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of your profile page to access account settings.

horizontal lines

  • Next, go to setting

go to setting

  • Then tap Privacy Settings and Account Privacy

account privacy

  • Finally, Clicking on Private Account

With a private Instagram account, you can decide who follows what is in your profile. This means that people seek permission before they want to view it and access all of the photos/videos shared by their favorite celebrities with just one click away.

Through a private account, now you have the option how to hide followers on Instagram.

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 How can you hide your followers and following lists on Instagram?

You can’t hide the Followers and Following list on Instagram. The number that represents how many people you’re following, along with their followers in return, will always be visible to anyone who visits your profile–regardless if it’s an account for business or personal use.

How do I secretly follow someone on Instagram?

A “Snooplist” is an easy way to see who follows you without following them back.

You can also use your snoop list for protecting privacy on social media platforms like Instagram by only showing the people in your network that are allowed access, even though they may not be friends with each other

Can I see Private Instagram Followers?

Yes, of course. Social media is an excellent way to interact with someone you barely know- but only if they have an account on social platforms like Instagram.

There’s a new app that lets you view private Instagram profiles for free. With istaunch, anyone can go to their site and log into an account.

There are tons of features on there like viewing photos, videos, or reels from other people’s accounts – it’s completely FREE as well.

How I View Followers of Private Instagram Account?

  • First of all, open a Private Instagram Viewer.
  • Then type Username that’s followers you want to see.
  • Following enter captcha for verification.
  • Tap on the submit button.
  • After that, you will see followers of private Instagram.

How do I remove followers from Instagram?

Removing a follower is the best way to get rid of someone who is bothering you.

When they click on your profile, it will tell them that their following privileges have been revoked and ask for permission again before letting them view anything else in regards to social media sites like  Instagram or Facebook,

which means if they try looking at what pictures are posted then all those links won’t work.

Steps to remove followers from Instagram

Steps to remove followers are given below.

  • Log into your Instagram account and click on your profile
  • Next, click on followers on top of the screen.


  • You can either search for people who you do not want to follow you anymore or go through your list and click “Remove.”


How can I hide my activity status from followers on Instagram?

If you don’t want the whole world to know when and where you’re active on Instagram, then look no further.

  • Open your Instagram profile and click on three parallel lines at the right top of the screen.
  • Then go to setting
  • Next, tap status activity and turn it off.

activity status

 How Can I stop seeing someone on Instagram without unfollowing?

Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows you to stop seeing updates from a particular user without being removed or blocked.

You can do this by Muting the person, and when they post something on your feed, it will no longer appear in their Story – but they’ll still have access if they want/need it for whatever reason.

Of course, the best thing about preventing users from viewing one another’s private content is not letting others know we’ve been muted.

If you are looking for how to hide followers on Instagram, this article will help you.

How can celebrities hide who they follow on Instagram?

Absolutely No, for some reason, the rules still apply to everyone. Even if you are a celebrity or influencer, it doesn’t matter because we all follow each other on Instagram, making us equal in society’s eyes.

How can I hide my followers from my friends on Instagram?

Unfortunately, You can’t do this. The actual number of people following and those that follow in return is always visible.

You don’t care what kind of account you have; there’s no way to make it disappear on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook because everybody knows how many followers they have (unless somebody else tells them).


We hope that we have answered your question on how to hide followers on Instagram and minimize the number of people following you.

The most important thing is always to keep your account private; never post anything publicly that would compromise its safety or allow anyone else access, as screenshots can take away all forms of protection from there – do not share any phone numbers either unless they are work-related.

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