How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram?

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2022)

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram “Restrict,” or the “Restrict” feature on Instagram was first introduced in 2019 to combat bullying and to ensure users have an enjoyable and safe experience with the application.

This feature allows you to restrict who else can view the (Restricted user) comments that you make in your content. Additionally, their comments appear on your Requests tab. This does not inform them whether you’ve actually read the messages.

But, Instagram isn’t able to send notifications about the same to anyone who is restricted, and it becomes very difficult to understand this issue since it’s as if it’s a silent auction.

While there’s no formal method of determining whether you’ve been confined by someone else, there are some possible methods that can assist in doing the same, and help to determine the problem. These simple methods may appear rather simple to get your work done, but they can be effective too.

Are you also feeling like you’re being stifled by someone else? If so, then look in this article for assurance and much more.

If, in fact, you’re looking forward to getting more information, settle down at a comfortable place and set aside an hour of your time to practice the methods I’m going to share with you.

It will be evident that with some luck, you’ll achieve the goals you set for yourself. At the moment all I need to offer is pleasant reading and best of luck in all things!


  • Information preliminary
  • What can you do to figure out who has hampered you on Instagram
  • Make sure to read the comments
  • Verify the status of the activity
  • Make sure you read the messages

Information Preliminary

Before I explain the steps to recognize what is happening if you’ve been restricted on Instagram I’d like to provide some basic details about the issue.

The first thing you should do is must be aware that this limitation will be an Instagram feature that any member of the network is able to make use of to limit the interaction of others with him.

The user with a limited account, in reality, will not be able to determine whether the user who requested this restriction has been active or has seen the private message you sent.

In addition, when you limit an individual’s interactions and interactions, you will not get notifications about the comments he makes under his own posts (which are only visible to him and remain hidden from other users on the social network).

But, you must be aware that the restriction feature can be removed at any point and hidden comments may be approved manually by the person who made the restriction, to ensure they will be visible to all.

However, is there a formal way to tell whether you’ve been unable to post in your use of Instagram? Unfortunately or fortunately, not.

But, as I’ll discuss in the following chapters of this guide, using a different account allows you to conduct some tests and discover with certainty whether you’ve been subjected to restrictions on other account users, or not. For more information, continue reading.


How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

Instagram makes it difficult for users to determine whether someone has blocked their account, but there are ways to find out without having to use the app.

With the Help of Comments

Step 1. Make a new Instagram account

Step 2. Step 2: Search for the account of the user who has restricted you

Step 3. Now locate the post on which you comment on your old account.

Step 4. If you can’t find your post here, it’s a sign that it’s not allowed on Instagram by this user.

Note Note: We assume that the user you’re looking for has made their account publicly available. If he’s kept his account secret, then you won’t be able to complete this procedure.

With the Help of Activity Status

Step 1: Create a new Instagram account

Step 2: Search for the account of the user who has restricted you

Step 3: If you observe the status of online or offline for the user, that indicates that he has blocked your account.

In this procedure, you will need to disconnect from your main Instagram account. Then, you’ll be able to create your own account. After the process is complete and you are logged in to your existing Instagram account.

If you’ve lost the password to your primary account and would like to recover it or change it You can accomplish it. If you aren’t sure how to change your Instagram password then you can seek our guide.

Direct Message (DM)

Step 1: Open your Instagram account

Step 2: Search for the account of the user who has restricted you

Step 3. Send a text message (Anything)

Step 4. If the post hasn’t been seen in many days or its reply isn’t forthcoming then you’re limited on Instagram.

Today, Instagram has emerged as an increasingly popular online social networking platform. It has distinct advantages for users, like sharing photos, videos, and sharing news. The platform gives users massive digital marketing potential.

This is due to it allowing brands to establish their personal Instagram profile and then begin to promote their services on it. Brands who are considering marketing through Instagram must be aware of the various marketing strategies they can use to increase their following and also other ways of engaging on the platform.

If you’ve been denied access to Instagram and were not happy with the answer provided by members of the team for the community, it could be worth contacting Instagram support. If you’d like to know more information about Instagram’s Restricted Mode guidelines, check out the Guidelines page.

We think that this guide is helpful for you. Now you’re able to determine if someone has banned you from Instagram and what steps to take following. Be calm, regardless of the outcome, and make sure to be a good person in lieu of cyberbullying.

In the event that you fail to get your hands on it, different social networks can be utilized to connect with your friends or to do what users use them to do these days. For now, enjoy snapping!

If you find this information useful, please forward it to your acquaintances. We’d be interested in hearing your feedback! We’d love to hear from you! If you’re having issues regarding this article, please inform us by leaving a comment.

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How do you know which of you is on a prohibited list?

If there’s a gap in the upper right corner of their page, it may be caused by a gap between posts that are private and public. …

You can browse their blogs to see whether all of them are public. …

Meet a mutual friend check out their profile and see the information you find.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

What’s the distinction between restricting and blocking Instagram?

If you block someone both of you are unable to send direct messages. When you block someone but they are still able to communicate with you.

How do you limit your friend’s access to Facebook?

If you add someone to your restricted list and you’re still friends on Facebook However, they’ll be able to view your private information (for example postings and information about your profile that you decide to reveal) as well as posts you have tagged them in.

Can anyone tell me how to restrict my users to Instagram?

Does the user get an email when I limit the use of Instagram? No. Instagram won’t notify someone who is restricted. Additionally, Instagram won’t show any message or icon that shows that you have limited the account.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Can anyone who is on my restricted list, look up older posts?

They’ll only be able to view your posts if you’ve chosen to make the post available at “Public” (indicated with the globe symbol) when they’re included in it, or when a friend of a mutual friend tags both of you within the article. They won’t be aware that they’re on this list.

How do you know whether you’ve been banned from Instagram?

Instagram won’t notify users when you limit their access. In addition, Instagram won’t show any message or icon to show that you have restricted the account. Also, this is an innocuous move. The purpose of this feature was not to alarm the other person.

Does anyone be able to tell me if I added them to the Restricted List?

They won’t be aware that they’re on your list of restricted users. They’ll be able to chat with them through Messenger and you’ll be able to see their posts on your News Feed in the same way as usual.

If it’s not your desire for your boss to see every post you make on Facebook and you decide to include him on your list of restricted users.

Friends who are restricted from seeing previous posts, which are that are set to only friends?

Placing an individual on the Restricted list signifies the relationship is still in place however, you can only share the content you post with them only when they select Public as your audience or if you tag them in your post.

Therefore, if the posts you share on your Timeline aren’t set to Public and you have restricted access, your friend won’t be able to view your posts.

What exactly does it mean to be limited on Instagram?

If you’re restricted by someone or blocked, they’ve prevented you from following them and checking their photos and updates.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Who is able to limit me from using Instagram?

Anyone who has an Instagram account is able to block or remove you from the account. This includes those who follow you, friends, and even family members.

Why would someone want to block me from using Instagram?

There are several reasons that someone could need to restrict the access you have to Instagram for their own. For instance, you might be posting comments that are annoying or sending DMs that they don’t wish to receive, or annoying them.

What can I do to tell whether someone has blocked me from using Instagram?

There are many methods to find out if someone blocked you or blocked your access to InstagramThe easiest method is that they won’t be listed on your list of followers when you check the list of your Instagram followers. It is also possible to send an explicit message to the person who you believe is blocking you.


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