Top advantages Of 5G Technology in Business Application

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2022)

Top advantages Of 5G Technology in Business Application. 5G technology is about much more than (much) faster internet. The advantages of 5G are shorter response times, higher reliability, and many more devices that can be connected simultaneously.

As a result, many new applications are possible with 5G in augmented reality, the Internet of Things, self-driving vehicles, and Industry 4.0.

Do you want a competitive advantage as a company or organization thanks to 5G?

Then it is good to orientate yourself now. We list the most important benefits and applications of 5G.

Drones, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and augmented reality are all great technologies available but are still waiting for next-level connectivity to be more widely adopted in business.

The new 5G network technology brings everything together thanks to its unique advantages.

5G, which will be rolled out in the Netherlands in the coming years, will bring about a true digital revolution in agriculture, transport, production, healthcare, and entertainment.

White paper: ‘Towards a smart, sustainable society: 5G technology connects society’
5G is the technology that encourages collaboration in chains with partners that might not have been thought of before. Read in this whitepaper how 5G connects our society.

The Unique Benefits of 5G

5G technology  is a mix of technologies such as ‘network slicing,’ ‘massive MIMO,’ and ‘beamforming.’

This mix results in several unique advantages: super-fast connection, short response time in communication, much higher network uptime, capacity to connect as many as one million devices per square kilometer, a more secure connection, and the possibility to use specific processes and applications.

To Give Priority

As a result, 5G technology will become a catalyst for devising and realizing new, revolutionary applications in the field of data-driven business operations.

Therefore, if you want to remain competitive as an entrepreneur or if you want to respond to the latest developments as an organization, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of 5G now.

5G Technology  as a Foundation for Other Technologies

5G is expected to provide a massive boost in business for, among other things, augmented and virtual reality, robotics, drones, intellectual assets, wearables, AI-based video analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Besides 5G, the Internet of Things also requires edge computing. A small cloud with computing power, storage, and network capacities is placed, as it were, at the edge of the network, so close to applications, devices and users.

Because data no longer has to travel up and down to the cloud or a data center, time-critical applications such as self-driving cars and augmented reality become possible.

5G Application Examples for Business

Top advantages Of 5G Technology in Business Application

Applications of 5G technology are, for example:

  • Trucks and forklifts that constantly measure and know the safest place on the road or the fastest route.
  • Traffic lights turn green when first responders arrive.
  • Healthcare providers have a real-time video connection with colleagues or doctors in the hospital when they are in people’s homes.
  • Drones monitor an area or bring medical samples to the lab at lightning speed.
  • Self-propelled agricultural vehicles that use 5G to inject precisely the proper crop protection per square meter.
  • Smart grids are intelligent electricity networks that use digital technology such as 5G to better match supply and demand.


5G technology is also an essential enabler for Industry 4.0. The Internet of Things, cloud computing, and data integration are used to allow the production process to take place wholly computer-controlled and remotely.

The human thought process is wholly or partly taken over. Due to the high speed and reliability and short delay, 5G within Industry 4.0 is essential for, for example, controlling production lines, facilitating self-driving vehicles, and connecting large numbers of IoT devices.

KPN FieldLabs: 5G Applications Put into Practice

The national roll-out of 5G has only just started, but KPN has been testing 5G for practical applications in the FieldLabs for some time now. Currently, there are five FieldLabs:

In Amsterdam, KPN, together with Amsterdam and the Johan Cruijff Arena, investigates how 5G can make a living, working, and recreation more fun and safer in the city.

  • A field in Valthermond in Drenthe is the test laboratory for the application of 5G in agriculture. For example, research is being conducted into how robotization and drones can help to use fewer crop protection products.
  • KPN, together with Rijkswaterstaat and other technology partners, is researching Helmond into, among other things, self-driving vehicles and intelligent transport systems, in which sensors and cameras inside and outside the car see and interpret traffic signs and moving objects.
  • At Shell Pernis, 5G technology is used for robots and helmets that make work even safer and more efficient through predictive maintenance and remote monitoring.
  • KPN is working with partners on wireless factories in Eindhoven with the help of 5G indoor technology. Thanks to 5G, objects can be tracked in real-time and accurately to within 30 centimeters.

5G at KPN

KPN, together with a network of partners, is building a 5G business ecosystem, with each partner applying its expertise to offer a total solution to customers.

Thus, KPN will – as an entrepreneur, expert, or connectivity supplier – be a catalyst in the development of 5G applications.
Unique within the (future) 5G service to companies is that KPN guarantees a specific bandwidth, offers the same coverage everywhere at one location (for example, a factory site), and provides the possibility to prioritize particular applications such as voice.

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