Top 9 Educational Technology Trends

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2022)

In addition to your laptops, tablets, your e-readers, and your phones What other educational technology is accessible to the modern student and how do they aid in speeding learning?

Big Data, Machine Learning Machine Learning, Big Data, and Machine Learning, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), were the most significant technological advancements in the field of education in 2020.

But it is now the most dominant trend of the rest. The COVID-19 epidemic has completely transformed how we learn and teach.

Students are now required to become used to learning from distal nice using digital platforms as a result of social isolation. While some schools are opening again the doors, this trend could persist into 2021.

The most current educational technology trends for 2022 and even into 2023 are undergoing a revolution with an emphasis on connectivity, flexibility, and student-centered learning.

Let’s review the latest trends in educational technology.

What is Educational Technology and why should it be important?

A lot of people are aware of the fact that educational technology is a technology that is used to improve education. This is true, but it isn’t enough.

ACT reassociation for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) has defined educational technology as “facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.”

On the other hand, those who utilize educational technology have a simpler understanding of what it means.

They believe that it’s an idea of changing the traditional method of teaching and learning through books into digital forms.

According to them, the primary distinction lies in the method by which information is disseminated (thanks to technological innovation) to enhance teaching.

In essence, educational technology is simply the method that integrates technology into education to create better learning and teaching experiences which result in better educational outcomes.

For instance, several hospitals are training new nurses through online safety classes making use of animation.

What is the significance of Educational Technology?

The generation in schooling is critical as it allows ultra-modern teachers to combine new technologies and equipment into their schoolroom.

Instructors are capable of improving and enhancing the learner-centeredness of their schoolroom.

It allows instructors to interact with their students in particular, modern, and equitable methods.

Innovative Methods of Teaching

Top Educational Technology Trends
Innovative methods of teaching

Technology is a product for humankind. Therefore, when an educator can apply technology in their teaching, it’s creative.

Educational technology lets teachers provide multimedia that can be used to meet the needs of different methods of learning, including live video, animation, and so on.

Additionally, educational technology enables teachers to develop online courses that students learn in their environment at their speed.

Below are a few modern and innovative advancements that are being made in the field of student tech which combine technology with education both inside and outside of the school.

If you’re interested in one of these gadgets ensure you’ve got the money before getting too enthusiastic.

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1. Computing Technology

Computing energy has already mounted its area in the digital era, with nearly every device and equipment being automated.

And it’s here for even extra as records technology specialists have predicted that the computing infrastructure we’re building right now will best evolve for the higher in the coming years.

At the same time, we’ve 5G technology already; gear up for a generation of 6G with more strength in our hands and devices surrounding us.

Even better, computing strength is producing greater tech jobs in the industry but could require specialized qualifications for candidates to accumulate.

From records science to robotics and IT control, this field will energy the biggest percentage of employment in each us.

The extra computing our gadgets will need, the extra technicians, IT teams, court managers, and the patron care economy will flourish.

One important department under this discipline that you could research these days is RPA, i.e., Robotic Process Automation.

At Simple learn, RPA is all about computing and automation software that could teach you a high-paying function inside the IT enterprise.

2. 5G Technology

Top Educational Technology Trends
5G technology in education

The subsequent era fashion that follows the IoT is 5G technology. Where 3G and 4G technology have enabled us to browse the net, use records-driven services, extend bandwidths for streaming on Spotify or YouTube, and a lot extra, 5G services are predicted to revolutionize our lives.

Via permitting offerings that depend upon superior technologies like AR and VR, along with cloud-based gaming services like Google Stadia, NVidia GeForce Now, and plenty extra.

Its miles are expected for use in factories, HD cameras that assist improve safety and traffic management, clever grid management, and smart retail too.

Just about each telecom business enterprise like Verizon, T-Mobile, Apple, Nokia Corp, and Qualcomm, is now working on creating 5G packages.

5G community subscriptions will attain 4.4 billion by the stop of 2027, making it a rising educational technology fashion you ought to watch out for, and also store a gap in.

3. Smartpens

An easy but still impressive blend of educational technology the Smartpen is an instrument that lets you record digitally every note you take from lectures and classes.

It uses intelligent software that digitizes your text and includes an ear-sensible microphone that records audio.

After uploading smartpen applications like those the Live scribe Echo Smartpen will allow you to draw any line within your digitalized text in addition to playing the sound that is in sync with the date you recorded the note.

After you’ve used the pen the pen’s software lets you upload your notes and recordings into software like Evernote as well as Google Docs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the pen for recording lectures or are students in business or journalism using it during an outing or meeting Live scribe is the internet native’s method of staying on track with notes from academic classes.

4. Digital textbooks

With the tablet and electronic readers becoming a more mainstream technology for students, so do digital textbooks.

With digital textbooks being so easy to use light, sleek, and compact if you are faced with the choice between carrying around the complete Shakespeare works Shakespeare.

And having all of them on a single e-reader. It’s not difficult to understand why the demand for digital textbooks is rising.

Digital textbooks weigh significantly less than one printed textbook, but there’s an added benefit that digital textbooks can cost 40 percent cheaper than print textbooks.

Combining education and technology doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. Chegg is a valuable student resource that can help you find less expensive digital textbooks, as in offering help with homework as well as internships.

In some schools, the educational technology used by students is used to digitize textbooks that allow students to interact more closely with their reading activities by collaborating with classmates and personalization.

5. Tech backpacks

In the past, if you’ve been around campus with a backpack filled with technology that’s running out of juice then you may be interested in knowing more about technological backpacks – bags that don’t simply store all of the technology used by students neatly and safely but let you change your devices without needing the plug socket.

They are powered by solar panels that are located on the exterior and back of your bag technology backpacks made by companies.

Like Voltaic as well as Eclipse are a great option for people who aren’t able to live without technology.

But that’s not all. with solar energy, these backpacks are usually eco-friendly also!

6. Smart lights

Based on the amount of time you are spending in your home or apartment when you’re a student and how much revision you make is contingent on lighting it is possible to acquire a smart lighting device.

Smart light functions differ based on the manufacturer, however, one of them.

The AWOX Starlight is a smart light that connects to a socket similar to an ordinary bulb, and stream music directly from your laptop or mobile phone via Bluetooth to the light’s speakers.

It’s the ideal educational technology for students to use for a home celebration and gathering (saving your speakers and laptop from inevitable spills) and also as a study aid that can provide gentle light and ambient music.

Also, for those who enjoy some ambiance while learning, LIFX smart lights feature an array of programmable colors that can be adjusted by pressing the button to match your mood for revision.

7. Virtual keyboards

Keyboards that fold and take along with you have been around for long enough for us to appreciate the value of connecting to mobile devices to type while on the move.

But there’s a fresher more advanced educational technology being brought to the market. The keyboard is a virtual keyboard. Yes, it’s happening and it’s as great as it sounds.

Virtual keyboards such as one like the Cube Virtual Keyboard uses laser technology. It is an electronic device that can connect to your tablet or mobile device through Bluetooth.

The device, smaller than a Tic Box, is placed on your desk, and, once activated, it will display a red laser QWERTY keyboard that you can type directly. Your text is transferred to your device in real time.

If you’ve ever dreamed of feeling like one of the futuristic spy-tech agents from movies like James Bond movies, the virtual keyboard is the one for you.

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8. Noise-cancelling headphones

While noise-canceling headphones are ideal for those who like listening to music too loudly on public transport.

They also function as a fantastic method to keep your concentration on the study by cutting down on distractions from external distractions.

If you’re preparing to study to the tranquil sound of the ocean while in the library or enjoying a jolly time with the head-banging of Metallica in the early hours of 3 am.

These headphones can be the perfect way to ensure nobody will ever be distracted by something they do not want to be distracted by.

Great for revision, and for ignoring the person who is eating crisps in the library’s quiet area.

9. Flash drives that are encrypted

To ensure that nobody steals your dissertation, get an encrypted flash drive/USB that requires a PIN to gain access to any documents stored there.

It’s not going to solve the issue of keeping your flash drive connected to library computers but it can keep anyone from stealing the device on their own since, without the user-defined PIN, the data stored on the drive will be rendered unusable.

One of these drives is the LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive, which includes a PIN display.

Other technology that can be useful for students

  • Live Binders – serves as an electronic ring binder that allows you to organize all of your sources in one tidy file including digital ones like YouTube, PDFs, and websites.
  • Laptop lock – laptop locks are getting more vital in the digital age.
  • Chargers for phones – let smartphone owners charge their smartphones without the need for an electrical cable. Brilliant.
  • Webcams – webcams are becoming best technology and better every day and are essential when you are planning to conduct any type of video call at home and do not possess an embedded camera.
  • Mats that cool laptops – If you’re experiencing issues cooling your laptop you should consider cooling mats – it’s not something you would consider especially for education and technology however, they can help keep your legs cool when you study!


We are aware that there’s a lot to take in when we talk about the latest trends in educational technology. But, remember that technology has entered education and reshaped its learning and teaching process.

Particularly, eLearning is an instructional tool that does not just increase accessibility and ease of education but also alters the learners’ learning habits and desire to learn.

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