Top Ford Focus ST Parts

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2022)

Focus ST Parts

Ford focus st parts was a great vehicle for the U.S. market in the 2013-2018 model year. It offered a lot of utility and a good deal of performance. The Ford Motor Company introduced the Focus ST, a more sporty version of its iconic Focus, to the automotive industry in 2012.

It is an absolute joy to drive the Focus ST on the autocross course. The handling abilities and fun it has been impressive. It’s also a great daily driver, as it is a five-door hatchback.

The Focus ST starts at just over $24,000, and you can get it with almost every option for $30,000. Hot hatches are great cars right out of the box.

Many aftermarket Ford focus st parts can improve your racing and autocross skills. This vehicle is great for anyone who uses it as a daily driver or participates in autocross.

Ford Focus ST Engine

Ford Focus ST owners know that the fun begins under the hood. Ford Motor Company introduced the EcoBoost engine in late 2009. The Focus ST was the first vehicle to benefit from this new technology. The Focus ST features a turbocharged 2.0 liter inline-4 engine.

This engine packs a lot of power and efficiency into a compact package. They are rated at 252 horsepower, and 270 lb./ft. The impressive EcoBoost motor produces a time of 6.2 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 mph.

The EcoBoost engine is paired with the six-speed manual transmission for a combined 26 mpg. Even though your EcoBoost engine may be powerful and efficient as it is when it leaves the factory, there are always ways to improve.

There are many aftermarket options available. You have many options, including a Focus ST tune, an aftermarket intercooler, or a new turbocharger.

A Focus ST turbocharger will give your 2.0L engine as much boost as possible. This is one of the most sought-after aftermarket modifications. Ford Focus ST Parts.

It is great to increase your boost, but you will still need to work hard to get the factory horsepower and torque numbers. You will need to upgrade your wastegates and blow-off valves if you’ve added more boost.

You will have the Ford Focus performance parts and the Mustang EcoBoost accessories to match your Mustang EcoBoost friends at your next performance-driving competition!

Body and Appearance (Ford Focus ST Parts)

Ford Focus ST Parts

Although the EcoBoost is available in many Ford vehicles made after 2010, the Focus ST’s distinctive hatchback exterior is what sets it apart from other cars in its class.

It’s easy for people to mistakenly believe that the Focus ST was imported from overseas because they don’t see the iconic blue oval Ford logo.

The hot hatch looks very similar to many European cars, but it is made in America and has many of the same characteristics that American auto enthusiasts love.

The ST is unique from the moment it comes off the assembly line. However, exterior Ford Focus performance parts are available to enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

You can easily upgrade your ST’s exterior with new emblems. When it was first purchased, your hot hatch came with many emblems, from the Ford badge to the ST logo.

You might discover that the Focus ST emblems provided by the factory are not enough. You can show your EcoBoost pride wherever you go with aftermarket emblems.

The factory has an extensive radio antenna mounted on every Ford Focus ST roof. However, aftermarket manufacturers have discovered that the factory antenna doesn’t have to be so bulky and intrusive.

There are many custom Ford Focus ST parts you can add to make your car even more unique, such as an aftermarket antenna, splash guards, or a lift kit.

Interior (Ford Focus ST Parts)

The Ford Focus ST’s interior is not only distinguished by its EcoBoost engine and sporty exterior but also because of its many unique features. The base Focus ST featured a host of standard features including a keyless entry.

Air conditioning, cruise control, leather-wrapped tilt, telescoping steering wheels, the Sync voice-activated telephone, and audio player interface, as well as a six-speaker sound system with a CD player and USB/iPod interface.

There are many popular options available for optional packages, including the ST2. Recaro front sport seats, cloth/leather surface, dual-zone automatic temperature control.

My Ford Touch electronics interface with an 8-inch touchscreen display and a 10-speaker Sony audio system with HD radio or satellite radio are all part of the ST2 package. The ST3 package adds HID headlamps to the vehicle, Recaro heated front seats, leather upholstery, Recaro-designed back seats, and a navigation system.

You can upgrade the interior of your Ford Focus ST, just like the exterior and engine. Many accessories can be added to your Ford Focus ST’s six-speed transmission. These include shift knobs. These shift knobs can be more durable than the factory options and add curb appeal to your cabin.

CJ’s has the Best Ford Focus ST Parts

There is a possibility that your Ford Focus ST was not equipped with the most recent aftermarket enhancements. This depends on the time you bought it. CJ Pony Parts has the best Focus ST modifications available!

CJ only stocks aftermarket Ford Focus performance parts made by the most trusted brands in the industry because safety and durability are the most important things.

CJ Pony Parts offers everything, from visual enhancements to Focus ST tune options. CJ’s is happy to outfit your Focus ST with LED lights if it didn’t come with them from the factory.

CJ Pony Parts offers a variety of Focus ST fog lights and headlights that will help you see better at night. These LED lighting solutions not only make your car shine brighter but also give it a modern look, even when they’re not fully illuminated.

The factory’s 18-inch alloy wheels and Ford Focus performance tires are great, but a new set could make your Focus ST stand apart from the rest. (Ford focus st parts).

CJ’s offers a wide range of Focus ST wheels in attractive finishes to help you create a unique look. CJ’s sells Focus ST wheel sets of four or complete wheel-and-tire packages. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as lug nuts and wheel spacers.

You can make your ST stand out by pairing your new Focus ST wheels and lowering springs, shocks/struts, or other suspension upgrades.

Before buying any Ford Focus ST parts at CJ’s, take note of your vehicle’s year and any specific fitment requirements. So what are you waiting to do? CJ Pony Parts has the best Ford focus st parts upgrades available today!