Traditional or Online Quran tutor

Traditional or Online Quran tutor, which one’s better?

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Learning the Quran is a good deed. Every Muslim should learn Quran from a professional tutor to avoid an error. The Quran is one of the precious books. You can not recite it with mistakes. For better learning, you need a better teacher.

Due to current developments in the world, online Quran learning has become necessary. It offers the greatest benefits that you cannot get from a traditional education approach.

Although traditional learning methods are beneficial, you still should know that an online Quran tutor has several advantages that cannot be denied.

Online Quran Tutor Vs Traditional Quran Teacher


Teachers play a main role in teaching so you should choose the teacher carefully and after detailed research. Online Quran teacher is qualified, experienced, and expert. They are certified teachers. They have done several courses. They are good at dealing with every kind of student. On the other hand, traditional Quran teachers are not experts and they just know about hafiz and Quran recitation.

Native Arabic Teacher

As the Quran is in Arabic, So a Quran teacher must have a grip on the Arabic language. Most online Quran tutors are native Arabic, they have a strong grip on the Arabic language but traditional Quran teachers are not strong in the Arabic language, they just know the recitation of the Quran. Learn More…

Flexible Timing

Many people do not learn the Quran on time as they did not find time to attend the Quran class on time. Learning the Quran with the traditional Quran is quite difficult as you have to attend the class on time. Traditional  Quran teachers never give time late at night or early in the morning. But when you hire an online Quran teacher you have the opportunity to set the time according to your ease. If you want to learn late at night, the Quran teacher will be available 24/7.


Online Quran teachers are better in another way, they are quite affordable. They are good at negotiation. You can also get a discount when your siblings or friends also take learn Quran online services from the same teacher. On the other hand, traditional Quran teachers have fixed prices, they do not have any option of discount, you have to pay the full fee.

One On One Classes

Another great advantage of online Quran teachers is one on one sessions. If you are an alone learner online Quran teacher is best for you. Because in traditional Quran teaching you have to visit a mosque or Madarassa and there you will learn the Quran with others. In online Quran learning, the whole focus of your teacher will be on you. The teacher will pay proper attention to you.

No Traveling Issues

Learning the Quran online is effective. When you hire an online Quran teacher there will be no issue of traveling. You just need to have a laptop or any learning device. But when you are learning the Quran from a traditional Quran teacher you have to travel to a mosque or Madrassa. You will face many issues like pick and drop, packing, sometimes you are sick and not able to travel. So an online Quran teacher is better than a traditional Quran teacher.

Change Quran Teacher

In online Quran learning, you can choose the teacher according to your choice. You are free to choose the teacher and timing. If you are not happy or satisfied with an online Quran teacher you can change your online Quran teacher. But in traditional Quran teaching, you are not able to switch the teacher and you are bound to learn the Quran from the specific teacher. Because in traditional Quran learning you did not have options.

Free Trials Classes

Before hiring an online Quran tutor you are allowed to take free classes. In these trial classes, you are free to check the Quran tutor teaching style, methods of teaching. If you are not satisfied with an online Quran tutor you can ask for a new teacher. But in traditional Quran teaching, there is nothing like that. In traditional Quran teaching, all you have to do is find a nearby mosque or a Quran teacher and start learning the Quran.


In today’s modern world and a fast world where everyone is extremely busy with daily chores. Online Quran teachers are given preference. Online Quran tutors are better in several ways. They provide every facilitation that today’s students need.

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