Web Development will Become Obsolete

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2022)

Web development will become obsolete: Do you think web development will be outmoded? We live in an era in which programs can code for you.

Websites like WordPress provide templates to design pages in just a couple of minutes. Can businesses like design squid be competitive with access like this?

The answer is an unambiguous yes. While there are some benefits to drag-and-drop web design, the software cannot replicate the human hand.

Things such as user experience and branding aren’t as good when programs attempt to emulate a professional designer.

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Last Updated: Web Development will become Obsolete

Is web design dying as a job? The question is asked every day. With the proliferation of devices that perform all the heavy lifting for individuals and the increase of artificial intelligence systems, it’s become a major issue in the present.

In today’s fast-paced world it is not feasible to devote weeks and even months to prototyping, creating, and coding. We need solutions in the present and can get them from marketplaces that offer off-the-shelf goods.

The Belief for Web Design Career Becoming Obsolete

Web development will become obsolete

There are a variety of legitimate reasons to think twice about pursuing the possibility of pursuing a web-design job.

Website Builders

From desktop applications offered by Web flow to online multi-functional tools such as Wix and Squarespace websites, builders have revolutionized how digital entrepreneurs manage their businesses online.

They allow them to develop ideas without the need for web agencies or website firms.

Along with the time and money savings Website, builders permit them to play around with different strategies to identify the most efficient strategies quickly.

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Huge Marketplace

Theme Forest and numerous startup websites across the Globe offer a vast range of templates available off-the-shelf for sale at reasonable prices.

They are available in a variety of categories, so you’ll find the perfect solution to your problem. You just need to make a few minor adjustments and make it more compatible with your brand and you’re good to go.

High-quality Graphical Assets

Remotion, a web design agency, and other creative agencies can offer high-quality current graphics, mockups, and stock.

You can design stunning presentations, eye-catching ads, or designs without having any experience in design.

Professional Software such as Adobe Photoshop Sketch, InDesign

These are tools specifically designed for web designers many plugins let ordinary people mimic various effects without going into details.

Not to mention the plethora of videos that will guide you in steps to achieve your objective.


GPT-3 is the most advanced machine-learning technology created by Open AI. Its main objective is to mimic the work humans do.

Even though we’re not away from Isaac Azimov’s visions, however, GPT-3 is very promising. It is already able to create code and even write poetry.

Shortly, it can create stunning web designs, making the job of a web designer a redundant profession.

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WordPress celebrated its 17th birthday this year and has proven to everyone that CMS isn’t going away shortly.

It has already a plethora of extensions and templates for non-tech-savvy users to utilize.

If you are not a fan of WordPress it is possible to explore other frameworks such as Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, and more.

Then, is web design an industry that is dying?

Cost-effective options that can be managed by people who are not tech-savvy to make web-based designs without assistance are convincing arguments.

That web designer could be deemed obsolete. But, don’t be tempted to make any conclusions let us look at the opposite side of the coin.

Drag and Drop Web Design

If you’re thinking of the drag-and-drop method of web design there are plenty of options available. Web Development will Become Obsolete.

WordPress, Squarespace, and others have easy and reliable templates for websites. The advantages of this method are that it is less expensive than hiring an experienced designer.

Additionally, you are in charge of the design of your site and you’re not waiting for anyone else to design the design of your site by anyone other than you.

Some disadvantages come with this, however. While it’s true that you don’t have to rely on anyone else, you’re in charge of all the work.

That means that designing a site on your own can take more time than when working in a group.

While drag-and-drop web design may provide templates that are pre-made however, they are not always the most efficient.

Brand Identity

In the realm of design web development, brand image is king. Artificial intelligence is severely deficient in this field.

Since AI isn’t able to recognize the content within a brand’s established guidelines or in the process of converting information into “digital paper,” your brand’s identity can be lost when using this.

Although machine learning is an important aspect, however, it’s not enough to replace an experienced web designer.

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Reasons Why Web Design Career Is Not Failing

Web Development will Become Obsolete

Ironically, every item on the list above has untrue. For instance, online marketplaces which claim to provide users with tons of high-quality graphic material to make a masterpiece heavily depend on the web designer who stands behind every product.

If the career of web designers comes to an end and the market is unable to grow, it will be confined and indebted.

This is the same for website designers, CMS, and even AI, which are controlled by humans at the moment.

Although we can accept certain old-fashioned solutions and understand that our website designs may appear outdated, we can’t ignore important issues such as the security of our websites and their maintenance. Every year, billions of dollars get spent on security.

We are talking about payments to banks and transfers that are important.

Additionally, if there is a problem with your website, you’ll require an experienced web developer or designer to make it right. Web Development will Become Obsolete.

Let’s look at some convincing arguments to secure web design as a profession.

The bottom line is web design isn’t dead. At the time that we will need websites, we’ll require designers and web developers.

They are the designers of the digital age, and we cannot build any structures without architects.


People enjoy being entertained. So, they sometimes long for extravagant events that provide them with the necessary motivation to keep moving forward and take on everyday challenges. Without innovative minds, we’ll be trapped in a stale existence.

User Experience

It’s hard to provide an excellent user experience using automatic code creation and templates. Web designers are educated in creating an enjoyable and user-friendly experience, which means more people come to your site.

The user experience isn’t something that you can just let happen thus it is sensible to hire a professional website designer to manage this aspect of your site. Web Development will Become Obsolete.


Is web design a dying profession? No, not. While we have the tools to solve their problems on our own but we require web designers. They are the creators of the online world.

If all the tools such as WordPress, Web flow, and GPT-3 suddenly vanish do we think the world will stop? Web designers will continue to push forward.

Their visionary, imaginative creativity, ingenuity, and devotion to their cause are an engine for development.

With the advent of technology, the profession will evolve to meet the demands of modern times however, it won’t disappear. So, is web design an industry that is dying? It’s not. Web Development will Become Obsolete.