What Does Rawr Mean in Dinosaur?

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

“Rawr” can be described as one of the most popular buzzwords on social media. It is the textual representation of an audio sound, the sound of a dinosaur’s roar.

However, it’s not one of the fierce dinosaurs like those observed in Jurassic Park; it is a “Kawai” dinosaur, or it could be described in Spanish as a monkey dinosaur.

In this way, “Rawr” is a grunt, and the meaning of the metalanguage of networks is “I am in love with you” and not in the Dinosaur’s language.

It is frequently used to deflect instances where a person is offended or appears angry, even though they’re not.

It is also used to lessen tension in online conversations. However, “Rawr” almost always (or, more accurately, all the time) is in conjunction with an image of the Dinosaur. It is highly ironic, as you can see below.

History of the Word Rawr in Dinosaur

What Does Rawr Mean in Dinosaur?

The word “rawr” was popularized during the middle of the 2000s.

Looking through the Urban Dictionary, you’ll notice that users mostly added the term and definitions between 2010 and 2015. This was also when teenagers began using it on social media.

In the beginning, it was predominantly used as a slang word in memes. The fact is, memes can contain any topic.

Therefore they aren’t necessarily actually words. But, the term became increasingly popular when more people started using the time and used it on forums online.

Initially, it was used only by the emo subculture, specifically young adults and teenagers.

Then, it grew into a word that is now a reality with an officially defined definition in the Dictionary, and everywhere else. Nowadays, people use it to show their love, especially on chat platforms.

Although we’re not entirely sure if dinosaurs ever made sounds, we are specific about what it means!

Examples of How to Use Rawr

There are many ways to utilize it, whether you’d like to use it in your sentence or even in the middle of an argument.

If you’d like to use it in the context of writing but not in an actual conversation, you could write, ‘I’ve rubbed my colleagues.’

If you’re using this in chat, there aren’t a lot of alternatives to choose from. It depends on the context.

For instance, if you wish to express your love for you’ but feel too shy to say it, you can send a simple “rawr” instead!

5 RAWR Meanings in Dinosaur (Other Than I Love You)

What Does Rawr Mean in Dinosaur?

Contrary to what many believe, RAWR does not always refer to “I’m going to consume your flesh” as well as “I’m going to eat the flesh of your body” (although we’ll be honest, it would be frightening).


So what does RAWR mean in dinosaurs?

RAWR is a multi-faceted sound that could mean a variety of specific things when it comes to the languages of dinosaurs.


Rawr could mean “hello” for Dinosaur. There’s a highly straightforward explanation of the reason Rawr occasionally has this significance.

It is the sound dinosaurs emit when they’re pleased to see someone they know in the form of a book or cartoon.

When a dinosaur utters the word Rawr, it’s equivalent to saying “Hello” or “Nice to meet you! Of course that not all dinosaurs are created equal.

A few of them may employ different sounds for communication. For the most part, Rawr is the standard method of telling “Hello” for Dinosaur.

This Is My Territory

The word “rawr” can also mean “real estate.” In Dinosaur, Rawr can also be a reference to “Hey Hey, buddy. My territory is here.”

This can be because the word is intended to warn all dinosaurs, indicating that the person speaking claims the territory for their personal.

When using the word “speak, ” they seek to assert their power over the space and send an image that they are not to be played with.

Although this might seem like an aggressive method of communication, it’s a highly effective way for dinosaurs can establish territories and safeguard their resources.

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I Am Here

In the Dinosaur language, particularly in animations and films. It signals to other dinosaurs and other animals that a dinosaur has entered the vicinity—a sort of doorbell for dinosaurs.

For instance, in the film Jurassic Park,  the Tyrannosaurus Rex is seen in the movie, it lets out an enormous Rawr, which makes everyone run away in fear.

In the animated film “The Land Before Time, ” the character Littlefoot frequently uses Rawr to let his family and friends know he’s coming.

I wouldn’t say I liked This Experience.

It could be used to express a person’s displeasure, for example, “I do not dislike this.”

This practice is most common in children’s television, where the sound is frequently used to inform viewers that the character is unhappy with their current circumstances.

There are many reasons Rawr could express his displeasure and anger.

One reason is that it is a very adaptable sound that can easily be adaptable to various moods and circumstances. In addition, Rawr is a relatively neutral sound, making the sound less likely to frighten or scare children.

It is a simple sound to create, which is probably why it’s frequently used to express a sense of humor.

In addition, it is also used to express an unnerving sense of shock or excitement, like in the well-known meme “Rawr I’m an extinct dinosaur.”


Dinosaurs also employ Rawr to warn potential predators. This, in other words, was their method of saying, “Back off, or I’ll break your limb.”

But why do they require this powerful warning?

You can suppose having a massive, slow-moving animal made dinosaurs easy prey for predators.

Although real-life dinosaurs may or might never have had roars, dinosaurs are definitely “rawr” inside our hearts.


Rawr will always be a great alternative to say the actual thing. Although teens typically play it to make fun of themselves and games, this is intended to express gratitude or love.

It is frequently used to deflect instances where a person is offended or claims to be angry, even though they’re not. It is also employed to ease tension during online conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What exactly does it mean when a woman can say Rawr?

Interjection. rawr. (onomatopoeia, Internet slang, text messaging) An expression of gratitude, a joyful expression of joy, reminiscent of the sound. It is used to highlight the attraction.

What is Rawr refer to in Spanish?

Rawr means I love you in dinosaur | Spanish Translator. It is a reference to love in the Dinosaur.

What does the word “roar” mean in the text?

” Right of Admission Reserved” is the most popular definition of ROAR. ROAR is available on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. ROAR. Description: Right of Admission Reserved.

What’s the significance of 1432?

1432 means “I Love You Too.” In 1432, the “143” part referred to the letters that make up each word. In particular: “I” (1 letter) “love” (4 letters)

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